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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis

Ok faithful readers (if there are any). I have a task for you. I stubled upon this FoxNews article reporting on an illness called cannabinoid hypermesis. Apparently chronic usage of marijuana can bring about a cyclical vomitting illness (CVI) along with compulsive bathing that someone decided to name "Cannabinoid Hypermesis". It appears to be a ligit illness that seems to be somewhat tenuously linked to marijauan.

It first cropped up in Australia where a study showed that 19 patients were identified with CVI in which the CVI showed up only after years of chronic marijuana use 9 cases reported back after being asked to stop using marijuana, all nine cases that opted to quit marijuana had a cesation of CVI symptoms. Three of the nine started using again and immediately experienced a return of the symptoms.

My question to my readers is, anyone know of this? Anyone experience CVI and is a chronic user? Most importantly; can anyone cite a single source which shows any sort of causality?


  1. Yes, sadly I suffer with Cannabinoid Hypermesis. For years I had no clue what was causing my cyclical vomiting episodes. For a long time, I thought it was related to my "time of the month"(so as to not gross out all the boys out there)for years I was being treated for Endometriosis. I even went so far as to have a hysterectomy. But, the cyclic vomiting still remained. I diagnosed myself with CVI. So, long story short I quit smoking to prepare for finding a job. I did not smoke for a year and I did not get sick ONCE! I resumed smoking and within 2 months I was getting sick again MONTHLY like clockwork. So, I made the connection myself and hit the "intertubes" for research. Lo and behold , I found Cannabinoid Hypermesis. At the time, the only report that was out was the one from Australia. Now, I am seeing more and more about it in the main steam media. Right now I am trying to control it with medication. If it doesn't work quitting will be my only option. Just after 4-20!

  2. Thanks for your story Amy. It would be interesting to see more research done on this to find out if marijuana is a cause or a trigger of the vomiting.

  3. I believe it is the trigger, because there are many people that suffer with cyclic vomiting that do not smoke. In fact, were quite offended and opposed to the idea of pot having anything to do with the illness. But, my symptoms match, down to the compulsive bathing. I lie in the shower with the hot hot water running on my belly. I'm hoping the meds will stave off the vomiting. I enjoy smoking way too much

  4. Well let us know if meds help. What does your doctor think of the symptoms?

    Odd for marijuana, a drug known to be one of the most effective antinausiants around to cause vomiting like that. My heart goes out to you Amy.

  5. Yes, I agree. I think that it is a rare occurrence, and not a good enough reason prohibit medicinal marijuana. Cripes, compared to the legal medications and the know side effects of so many drugs now on the market. Shesh, anti-depressants that increase suicidal thought? Come on now.



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