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Monday, 9 March 2009

California to legalize marijuana?

I doubt it will pass, but California is trying to pass a bill which would legalize marijuana in that state. The idea behind the bill is that the legalization and taxation of marijuana will ease the deficit the state is currently facing. I have posted links to articles on this to the blog already, but I though I would weigh in and give my comments.

Naturally I am all for this bill, no one should be surprised by this fact, if you are then ummm did you check out the title of the blog. Unfortunately I highly doubt it will pass. The logic behind the bill is sound, millions of dollars are wasted on enforcement of the outdated prohibition laws, and millions more could be added to the coffers in taxes. Basically it could seriously turn around the economic condition of any state that legalizes marijuana.

So if the logic is sound, and the bill really will help California, why do I think it will fail? People are ignorant, they believe the lies told by generations that pot is bad. Time and time again I read articles from California that cite Schizophrenia studies and other supposed mental issues "linked" to marijuana use, and "gateway drug" is also being bandied about as if it had merit.

The world would be a much better place if people actually bothered to research what they state before bellowing the evils they see.


  1. There was a time, not very long ago when I felt the same way. But there is definitely a mass consciousness shift that is happening. So many millions of America adults have tried marijuana in their life. They know people who have tried it, and they know it's not harmful. Definitely not as much as currently legal drugs such as alcohol or tobacco.

    Here's hoping

  2. From that Aussie bloke

    Ignorance and the believe in false truths will be the only block to this bill in my humble opinion. Much the same as scientists and theologists who refuse to seriously look at ancient history in a modern light. I'm digressing just to give a comparison. Nearly ALL ancient civilizations tell the story that their 'gods' came down from the sky in a flurry of thunder and noise and fire in various ways, all being some sort of chariot or horse or house. In todays enlightened times, shouldn't we recognise that they saw 'spaceships'?

    Scientists won't review their theories on the subject (we evolved). Religious folk won't (we were made by 'God'). It would in some way dicredit long held beliefs that keep these people at the top of their field.

    It's this ignorance and refusal to look at things properly that will also delay the legalization of an important medicine in our society.

    Most importantly, pharmaceutical companies will oppose legalization because it will cause a significant reduction in their profits from chemical, patented drugs that can be replaced by cannabis.

  3. I don't see how Chariots Of The Gods has anything to do with the subject at hand. That being said you have a right to your belief, no matter how wacko it might be ;). I allowed this post because hell why not, it vaguely related to the topic, and discussion is good.

    Besides you are right about one thing, it is ignorance that holds people back from taking a serious look at marijuana.

  4. I truly think its only a matter of time before this is legalized maybe even with this new president and his administration and the possibility for a drug that is way less harmful then most legalized substances.

  5. I have no doubt that its only a matter of time before it is legalized, however I also have no doubt it is still a ways off. Perhaps Obama's administration might be a stepping stone for the US towards that goal, but I doubt it. I think, and hope, that Canada will move towards this first and the US will at first be up in arms over the issue then eventually relax.

    Besides even IF California passes the law, there is still the matter of the federal law superseding the state law making it a token gesture at best.



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