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Friday, 13 February 2009

Micheal Phelps Bong Bondogle

Ok, its been a while since I posted, but I figured it was overdue. I know this isn't timely, but I thought I'd comment on the overly publicized Micheal Phelps issue.

I know that being a marijuana legalization proponent I am not exactly unbiased on this issue, but what the heck is the big deal. So Micheal Phelps got a picture taken of him using a bong, who gives a shit. Marijuana is NOT a performance enhancing drug, the picture would not hold up in court, so why should it matter. Kellogg's has pulled out, ok since a lot of their advertising is aimed at kids I can see that, however I think its a drastic overreaction. That being said it seems that other then a brief suspension that is all that is happening.

Sure there has been some big talk from some cop who thinks he can charge him if he can figure out if the picture was taken in his jursdiction, but proving that will be nearly impossible unless the person who hosted the party comes forward. Even if this happens getting the charges to stick will be difficult, even with Phelps' public appology. You see just because he is holding a bong, just because he appears to be using it, there is no way to prove it was marijuana in it.

There's been some talk of taking back his medals as they did with Ross Rebagliati. I highly doubt they'll be able to do that, after all there is no evidence he was on any drugs while competing so I can't see how they can justify taking back his medals. I really hope the puritan critics don't succeed in this lame attempt. If people would just bother to educate themselves in the fact rather than the propeganda there is no reason to freak out over a hit off the bong, no more then if there was a picture of Phelps drinking a beer.

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