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Friday, 13 February 2009

Flurry of Posts

Ok, I know months of silence then a bunch of posts all in one day. You're probably asking yourself, "What's the deal 420Guy, why the sudden burst in activity?" Well I've been busy with my real life, and really that always takes precedence over my online activity, much has been going on the past few months and life seems to be stabilizing again. As for the burst in activity, well I got a handy new button added to Firefox which allows my to do a quick posting with the click of a button so I plan on doing so every time I come across a relevant news topic. These quick postings I'll tag with newsreel. Usually these won't be commented on much, but rather just a quick link to the topic and a tagline. Hopefully it will make the Make Marijuana Legal Blog a more robust Cannabis news source. Enjoy the new format.

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If Marijuana became legalized would you support its taxation?

Do you think our economy can be saved by legalizing marijuana

What do you think the Origins of the slang term 420 is

Would you vote for a politician solely on their stance on Marijuana?

What is your prefered method of using pot? (assuming price is no issue)

If marijuana were legal would you grow your own or buy from a store?

If you use marijuana do your family members no

Do you consider yourself a Pot Head

How often do you use marijuana?