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Friday, 13 February 2009

Con: Why marijuana should remain illegal | ShreveportTimes | The Times

Con: Why marijuana should remain illegal | ShreveportTimes | The Times

Typical anti-marijuana propaganda BS. The writer of this article makes no attempt to actually back up his arguments, but rather relies on claims that as an ex judge he "knows" marijuana is a gateway drug. The article states outright that THC does not harm braincells but rather travels down the natural neuropathways thus indicating the effects are temporary. Odd that anti-marijuana activists don't bother actually thinking about their arguments, they just recite them.

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  1. I'm sure every pot head has heard this rebuttle by some anti-weed jerk off "It ruins your brain!"

    Wow that sure nails it down, not that a lot of other stuff actually ruins your brain like alchohal to new car smell, everything is harmful these days.

    I've been smoking weed for about a year now and the only thing I've noticed is I don't get as high as I used to. If anything weed has made me a healthier person. It used to take me months to get over a cold or flu but since i started smokin up I'm over my illnesses within a week.

    I would like to state however that I know lots of pot heads, some started at around the same age as me, 16, 17. These people are fine. The weed has not affected their mental development. Yet the ones who started at say age 13 are not all there and are totally fucked in the head. They have used harder drugs and now they've become social outcasts.

    So would I like to see weed legalized? Yes, but with little government involvement. The government would fuck up the thc and add other shit in like cigarettes. But like cigarettes and alchohal you should have to be 18 to buy it.



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