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Friday, 25 July 2008

Time to Get High While Flying High?

Recently US Attorney Ted Eid stated that alcohol abuse on airplanes was an issue that needed to be addressed. Denver pro marijuana legalization group S.A.F.E.R. (Saver Alternatives for Enjoyable Recreation) took this issue to heart and suggested that airports opened marijuana lounges in airports to reduce the number of people drunk while flying. They point to statistics that show that alcohol increases the incidents of violence while pot reduces it. Of course the Federal Aviation Administration put the kibosh on this grand idea stating that as long as marijuana is illegal they wouldn't even consider it, a logical point of view from the FAA's perspective, but perhaps its time the FAA got behind the marijuana legalization movement as well in order to be able to consider it.

The reason so many people over indulge in alcohol while flying is that they are nervous and need to mellow out. Alcohol is the only intoxicant available to them really, either that or over the counter sedatives. Both are much more addictive and not nearly as effective as marijuana. The only problem I can see is if someone gets paranoid flying might be even more stressful, but even on a paranoid trip a person high on marijuana is not likely to assault the crew as recently happened in Denver when a woman drunk on vodka lit up a cigarette and got belligerent with the crew and punched a flight attendant presumably for telling her to put it out.

Really if people want to mellow before a flight can anyone name a safer way to do it then taking a hit? Sure you don't want people sparking up a joint mid flight, but why not offer some brownies mid flight, or better yet (not really, but think of the fun) instead of oxygen masks have a big central vaporisor that feeds the oxygen masks.


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