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Monday, 30 June 2008

New Impaired Driving Rules

A new law goes into effect on Wednesday aimed at combating drugged driving, and many suspect its main target is marijuana users. The law grants the police the powers to compel drivers to take a roadside sobriety test, they can also order you to the station for more detailed tests such as blood tests.

I don’t think this law will stand the test of time. After all there is no test for marijuana that demonstrates impairment, only that the person has used marijuana sometime in the last several weeks. Shades of Ross Rebagliati defense will crop up I have no doubt causing the law to be tossed out. Sure they’d be able to bust people for use, maybe but they cannot prove impaired driving using any test.

Don’t get me wrong, anyone driving while impaired deserves to be fined and even jailed sometimes, but I fear this law is just an excuse to hunt down people who use marijuana and not an attempt to stop impaired driving. After all what does this law do to stop people from driving over tired, that is impaired driving as well.

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