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Friday, 18 January 2008

Legalized Marijuana and Government Spending

One of the main arguments used by most pot activists is that legalized marijuana would bring in new tax revenue streams for the government. Many who are opposed or so not have a strong opinion disagree, they claim that since marijuana is so easy to grow that there would be virtually no increase in the tax stream.

While, of course, many people would probably grow a plant or two in their basement or their back yards in order to not have to purchase that, but I doubt it will really be that many that end up doing it. Its also easy to grow your own vegetables, and while many people grow vegetables in their back yards are back yard vegetable gardens really a threat to farmers? Of course not, for one your not likely to produce enough to never have to buy vegetables on again, also the vast majority of people just plain don’t bother because to them the convenience of going to the grocery store is worth the increase in cost. I think the same thing would happen to marijuana, most people would rather go to the corner store and pick up some joints or pre-cut and cured marijuana rather then grow their own harvest and cure their own.

It is true that growing marijuana is relatively easy, marijuana will grow in just about every environment on earth. The trick is growing good marijuana takes quite an effort. Everyone who has lit a joint from more then one plant knows that marijuana quality ranges dramatically, raising high quality plants takes a green thumb and dedication. I know I for one would probably be more likely to be willing to pay someone else to take care of that for me rather then spend the time and energy to grow my own.

Naturally it all depends on the delicate balance of price and tax rate. If the government gets too greedy and sets the tax rate too high, it is quite likely that there will be more home growers then people who buy.

It will also depend on the growers, as long as they produce good quality marijuana the people would be willing to pay for it. If they produce the same crap the Canadian government is trying to pass off to medical marijuana patients people will grow from home.

The final variable in the equation is the restrictions placed on growing marijuana. I have been very vocal in this blog that marijuana should be legalized, regulated, and taxed. I don’t think everyone should be able to put up a greehouse in their back yard and grow scads of plants, growers (not home growers, but producers growing for sale marijuana) should have to meet certain guidelines to make sure that the marijuana is good quality and does not have any unhealthy additives.

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  1. Very right you are. And your poll is missing an option. I prefer the contact high, myself. Nice buzz and someone else does all the work cutting and rolling and what have you.



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