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Friday, 7 December 2007

Swiss Study Confirms Suspicions

For years Pot activists have been saying that the government has been overstating the risks involved in smoking marijuana. Now the weed warriors have another study to add to their arsenal of evidence to support their claims. ABC News reports that a Swiss study of more then 5000 students found that those who smoked marijuana do not have any social problems, in fact there is a significantly higher chance that pot smokers would practice sports.

The study also showed that while pot smokers are more likely to skip class they are not likely to have lower marks. And while they are more likely to have worse relations with their parents they are not likely to suffer from depression or anxiety.

These findings are primarily for those who used marijuana only and not mixing it with tobacco, but the study is valid. The study found that only those who used both tobacco and marijuana were more likely to abuse alcohol and other substances. This seems to also lend credence to the long held ganga guardian belief that the whole “gateway drug” theory was a load of horse manure.

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