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Monday, 17 December 2007

"New" Study Shows Marijuana Smoke Contains Toxins

A new Canadian study shows that pot smoke contains more of many toxins then are in tobacco cigarettes.

Come on guys, this isn't a new study at all, its been done to death. We KNOW marijuana joints contains more tar ammonia and such then a tobacco cigarette. We also know, however that joints are only one way to smoke marijuana, while it may be the most common this is primarily because a joint is easier to conceal then a bong or vaporizer.

Regardless, don't you think anyone with a grade three education knows that inhaling smoke of ANY type is not exactly the healthiest of practices. This isn't rocket science, its pure logic, inhale smoke damage lungs. The question is not is marijuana harmless, we KNOW it is, its how harmful is it compared to any other legal narcotic. Does it rate as dangerous as tobacco, only if you smoke 20-30 joints a day, how about alcohol, not even in the same category. Marijuana is not benign, however if you were to examine the facts and compare the negative aspects of marijuana to the positive I think everyone will agree that it is not dangerous enough to warrant a government ban.

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