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Monday, 1 October 2007

Police Group Behind Harper in His Tough on Drugs Stance

Canada.com reported that the Canadian Police Association is happy with Harper’s tough on drugs stance. Before we get all riled up on this issue lets look at the actual statement. The association would be happy with not pressing criminal charges but issuing fines or some other system, however since the Liberals put forward the decriminalization bill that got killed the message is a little mixed. Tony Cannavino, the associations president said, “The message sent years ago, with the (marijuana) decriminalization bill, created a lot of problems. A lot of kids and adults think that it’s legalized in Canada, which it’s not and it sent mixed messages here. So we needed to address it really strongly.”

The association is just looking for a clear message to be sent, not a bad goal. Personally I’d rather see them push for legalization, but I can’t fault them for being behind Harper for at least doing something to address the mixed message some people have about the status of marijuana.

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  1. Of course the CPA is giving the drug strategy a thumbs up. It's been this union's top lobby priority for years!

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    Harper's stance on cannabis is even out of sync with Conservative voters!...

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