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Thursday, 30 August 2007

Bush’s War on Terror Takes an Insane Twist

Ok I think pretty much everyone who reads my blog won’t be shocked to hear I am no supporter of Bush, or the so called War on Terror. Before any Neo-Con stumbling on my blog by accident cries foul, I fully support all the troops, and I fully support the war in Afghanistan, although an exit strategy needs to be developed. No on to my shock and awe an the U.S. of A.’s set of cojones in their War on Terror. First it was Iraq, then Iran earlier this month, now apparently it is the evil Pot Growers. Thanks to that wonderful Military Commissions Act, America can basically call anyone a terrorist and get away with anything they want using their War on Terror as an excuse. Thank god I don’t live in the U.S.A., I’d probably be labeled a terrorist for writing this blog.


  1. Well I live in the U.S.A and feel the same as you. Except I slightly disagree. I support our troops because it's not their fault Bush can't lead a country effectively. But I do not however support the war in Iraq. Many American's even ones who never used to disagree with their country are now considering different views. Pleanty citizens are getting sick of our officials and how they are running our beautiful country. If this makes makes me a terrorist then so be it.

  2. Well so far we don't disagree on anything, I also oppose the war on Iraq. The war in Iraq is very different then the war in Afghanistan. They are not under the same mandate. The war in Afghanistan was justified, the war on Iraq is a joke.



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