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Friday, 3 August 2007

1st Poll Closed

Well the first poll results are in, I thank all my faithful readers for responding. Considering the topic of this blog it is not surprising that most of the readers are in clear favor of legalization. Followed by a vote for either decriminalization or legalization is a step in the right direction. What did surprise me was the 1% of people that voted for Marijuana being illegal for a reason.

I certainly am not opposed to those who are opposed to my views. I just find it interesting that they found my site. I am wondering if they are regular readers or just stumbled on the site by accident. If you are one who voted saying that Marijuana is illegal for a reason, I would love to hear from you, I’d love to hear what reasons you think validate a law prohibiting marijuana. I promise I will not mock you or in any way denounce your belief, I will however attempt to show you why you are wrong, because I do truly believe you are wrong.

I have also added a new poll question, and I urge everyone to answer honestly, who posts what is not being monitored. What your answers are will never be revealed.


  1. My friend got arrested with 4 pounds of weed. I think this is a crime. I mean, not to carry this much but to get arrested for weed possession. Especially after what happen last month. Isn't Canada getting to understand that Weed is less harmful than nicotine and alcohol? My friend did not do anything wrong.... why should he get punished? please help.

  2. Well Mathieu,

    If your friend is in Ontario he may have a chance of beating it. In the July case of R. v. Long Ontario's court effectively struck down Cannabis posession laws. He should be able to use this to defend himself. However officially pot possession is still technically illegal in Canada, especially in the quantity you talk about.

    As for help, I am not a lawyer, just an activist with a web page, the best I can do is publish a story on your friend and see what happens. Send me the details to my email (ivxxapparel@gmail.com) and I will write an article.

  3. "I promise I will not mock you or in any way denounce your belief, I will however attempt to show you why you are wrong, because I do truly believe you are wrong."

    What an oxymoronic statement! You have just openly mocked this person by claiming their views are wrong!

    Their views are their own, as are yours. And by your stating this person is wrong, you are actually going against your very own beliefs of freedom of choice.

  4. I neither mocked nor said their views are wrong. I said I believe they are wrong, there is a significant difference between me saying you are wrong and me saying I believe you are wrong. Of course everyone has the right to believe whatever they want, but they should be willing and able to back up their beliefs.



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