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Thursday, 12 July 2007

Senator Larry Campbell Pro Legalization

CTV.ca reported that Liberal Senator Larry Campbell is for legalizing marijuana and "tax[ing] the hell out of it." Being as this is what I believe I think Larry Campbell is on the right track. However I agree with former Conservative MP Randy White that Campbell should focus more on bills that have a chance of going somewhere under a Conservative government. Legalizing marijuana should be a priority, however I doubt very much that a Conservative government will ever pass such a law.

Don't get me wrong I don't think Campbell should let the issue die, but lets face it it is going nowhere right now. The Conservatives aren't going to remain in power for much longer, it is better to bring it back up once they are ousted. Of course another viewpoint could be that the Conservatives might gain even more of a stronghold after the next election and if that happens there is even less of a chance that any decriminalization of marijuana bill would ever have a chance.


  1. if the various parties can start to work together instead of fighting for the little proud, maybe a minority government could be a good thing in the long term. I think the reason that minority government don't last is because they fight over everything and they don't let anything pass in this simple goal to start over the election game and have a chance to win. Government does not work for us, they work for themselves to be kept in place. I am not sold Conservative or any other Canadian parties but I wish Canadians can learn the good of minority government. Especially if they plan on legalization.

    So, is this really about legalization or decriminalization? I would rather see a tax on my weed than getting a fine from a cop because I smoke in the street. As far as I understand, that's how I see decriminalization. (i.e.: you won't have a file or be put to jail but you'll pay)

    At the same time, they won't be able to tax weed too much. I mean, they are gonna need to keep the same sales-price. weed is too easy to grow. black-market weed would stay #1 if the price of legal weed is crazy. especially that the difference ain't really visible.

  2. Well Larry Campbell wants it fully legalized, most Liberals just want it decriminalized. I personally am pro legalization and I think that decriminalization really changes nothing, but it is a baby step in the right direction.



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