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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Yet Another Thing More Harmful Than Marijuana

There is a whole host of things worse then marijuana that are considered acceptable by society ranging from hard drugs such as cocaine down to things like coffee, but according to the Times Online a new study out of the UK shows a startling new item added to the list of things more damaging then marijuana. The study, which was commissioned by Hewlett-Packard, shows that texting and email has a causes more significant short term IQ drop then marijuana use.

According to the article marijuana has been shown to result in an average 4 IQ point drop while high, where as people checking emails and text messages show an average of a 10 point drop. That's more then two times the drop (see I have a high enough IQ to figure out that 4+4=8 so obviously I smoke more then I check my email). So let this be a warning to you, turn off your computers and cell phones before smoking up, the 14 point hit from doing both at once might be too much to handle.

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