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Thursday, 19 April 2007

Weed Cures Cancer

Ok, not really, but a new study from Harvard University shows that THC actually cuts the growth of lung cancer in half making the lesions manageable. Oddly enough in this article the writer states "Smoking pot is still very dangerous and therefore must not be mistaken as a healthy habit" I'd like to know what is so dangerous about it since no study has shown any long term drawback.

Perhaps the cancer fighting aspects of THC is why the 2006 study showed no link between smoking marijuana and cancer despite the fact that a joint contains an almost identical list of cancer causing chemicals as a tobacco cigarette.


  1. Thanks for the comment. It is always good to hear from another supporter. I personally do not use, but I am a supporter of progress and definitely has positive uses. Hope you are enjoying 4/20.


  2. You don't have to smoke to support legalization of marijuana, you just have to use your head and examine the actual evidence. It is always good to hear from a fellow supporter. I am enjoying 4/20, I got the chance to speak out on the radio in support of marijuana today and I wrote up an open letter which I posted on this very blog.

  3. LiberateTheMedicine27 June 2008 at 20:19

    "Weed Cures Cancer
    Ok, not really"

    Wake up out of the haze of smoke. IT DOES CURE CANCER, and MANY other things.

    Google this:
    Rick Simpson race FROM the cure

    And while watching this realize the man never once charged anyone for any medicine.

    Spread the word. Save your loved ones



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