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Thursday, 15 March 2007

The US Government Would Rather See Americans Die The Spark Up

The LA Times reports that Angel Raich lost her bid for protection against federal prosecution for drug charges yesterday in a ruling by the 9 Circuit Court of Appeals. All is not lost for this woman really, in his ruling the judge did state that should criminal charges ever be laid against her he believed she had more than enough evidence to protect her, but he would not give a ruling protecting her from possible charges in case she made a recovery.

Now being a s Raich lives in California where medicinal marijuana is legal you may ask yourself why she brought this to court at all, after all there isn't even an investigation into her. The reason is simple, the US Federal Government has time and time shown that it is more then willing to arrest and harass people who use medicinal marijuana even when they are permitted by law to do so, Raich is looking out for her future and trying to pave the way for others like her.

Good luck Angel Raich. Don't give up yet.

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