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Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Why I Support Legalized Marijuana

Many people wonder why I believe marijuana should be legalized. I am not your typical pot head, I don't smoke on any sort of regular basis, in fact I have personally dealt with pot addictions in my family. The fact is I just don't support any laws where the government impairs our freedom without reason, and I truly feel that that is what is happening with the current marijuana laws in Canada.

There is no supportable evidence to show that marijuana has any long term effects, and plenty of evidence that shows there are none, yet marijuana is illegal, and tobacco and alcohol are legal. Both tobacco and alcohol have heaps of studies showing the damage they can do. Why then the unbalance? That is the real question here.

Sure there are such things as marijuana addicts, I have known a few. Sure these people can wreck their lives. However when was the last time you heard about a pot head on a rampage? When was the last time you heard about a pothead even getting off the couch to do more then get more snacking materials?

Throughout this blog I will be examining the laws on marijuana, following the police raids on grow ops and users, and showing you how legalizing marijuana isn't only not bad, but good for society as a whole. You don't believe me... read on good friend, read on.

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