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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Cooking With Mary Jane Introduction

Anyone who has heard anything about marijuana has heard of pot (or hash) brownies. In my curiosity about he drug I began to search out recipes for these heavenly morsels only to discover that there is no one recipe and in fact many people don’t actually know how to make them. The most common incorrect way I came across to make pot brownies was to just grind up some pot and add it to the brownies, of course those who tried this recipe did not get much if any buzz off these, and apparently the taste is quite bad. I also discovered that brownies aren’t the only thing you can make, there are a whole variety of dishes that can be made with marijuana, ranging from drinks to deserts and covering every course in between.

The question that begs to be answered is why would anyone want to eat marijuana instead of smoking it? Well that’s simple, marijuana smoke has virtually the same list of harmful chemicals as tobacco smoke, making smoking a joint just about as bad as a cigarette, however ingesting the drug has no proven long term effects. Eating marijuana instead of smoking it means you get the benefits of the drug without the harmful chemicals that goes with it. And yes there are benefits to marijuana; it is one of the best anti-nausea medications, and works as a half decent appetite inducer. So feeling a little queasy, have a brownie.

I decided to start this ongoing series to post various recipes here on my blog. I thought "I bet others are curious as well". Now it should be noted that I have not tried these recipes nor do I recommend using them. In most areas of the world following these recipes would be against the law, check with your local laws before attempting any of the recipes, I do not recommend anyone doing anything that is illegal.

A few things note about cooking with marijuana. The high is different than smoking it is a smoother mellower high. Also ingesting marijuana takes longer to kick in, but lasts longer. I have hear reports of various recipes taking up to half an hour to take effect, so take it slow and don’t over do it.

So enjoy the Cooking With Mary Jane series. I will post the first recipe later today or tomorrow.

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